“…a wonderful learning experience for me. You are great teacher[s] and I am so encouraged by the many opportunities I see in the country to use the dispute settlement techniques you advocate.”

Janet Reno, Former U.S. Attorney General

Center for Dispute Settlement

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Mediator Training

CDS trains lawyers, judges, governmental staff, managers, human resource and EEO staff, business executives, and other professionals and volunteers in negotiation, mediation, and other methods of settling disputes. Courses are conducted by Linda Singer and Michael Lewis, who are experienced mediators.

Training Course #1: Mediation for the Professional

Mediation for the Professional is our basic mediation training course for attorneys, managers, human resources and other professionals interested in learning or further developing their mediation skills. Read more…

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Training Course #2: Advanced Mediation Techniques

Advanced Mediation Techniques is an interactive 3-day course, focusing on the skills of the mediator and those of parties and advocates in mediation. Read more…

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Custom Training

In addition to the popular courses CDS and JAMS regularly conduct in Washington, D.C. and beyond, we can tailor an existing course or develop an entirely new training package to meet the specific needs and site of your organization. Read more…