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Mediation Services

Helping people to resolve their own disputes is our most important service.

CDS has successfully mediated almost every type of dispute:

CDS’ staff has helped to foster thousands of successful, mediated settlements in a wide range of disputes in the Washington, DC area and beyond. Rather than rushing into litigation, CDS enables people to meet

with an experienced mediator, talk out their differences and try to reach

an agreement that satisfies the interests of everyone concerned.

Mediation is the alternative to litigation that assumes disputants can act in their own enlightened self-interest and avoid expensive, time-consuming litigation with its aggravation, adversarial nature, and expense.

A CDS mediator’s job is to:

Our clients include the Department of Energy, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Reserve Board, Securities and Exchange Commission, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corporation for National and Community Service, Congressional Office of Compliance, National Aeronautic and Space Administration, Government Accounting Office, U.S. Postal Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as non-profits and companies in the private sector.

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