“Over the years the Center has developed various ways of settling disputes. All of these methods have featured the active participation of the people with conflicts in fashioning resolutions that meet their needs.”

Linda R. Singer, CDS Founder and President
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Center for Dispute Settlement

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Dispute Resolution Services

The Center for Dispute Settlement provides a full range of alternative dispute resolution services, among them mediation, facilitation, and the design of systems for resolving disputes.

Mediation Services

The CDS professional staff and associates have helped to foster thousands of successful, long-lasting mediated settlements of a wide range of disputes, including those within government agencies or non-profit organizations; between employers and employees, government and private citizens; and citizens’ groups and others, such as commercial or residential developers or governments, who seek to change the nature of the community. Read more…


CDS plans, convenes, and facilitates meetings to address problems in a constructive way. This sort of activity may take place before there is an actual dispute and thus avoid the polarization that takes place once people have taken sides. Read more…

Dispute Systems Design

CDS also specializes in the design, implementation, and evaluation of systems for resolving conflict. We have helped both public and private, non-profit organizations of all sizes develop responsive and efficient ways of solving problems. Read more…